SBOA - An advocate for New Jersey Standardbred Breeding and Racing


Established in 1961 with a handful of people, the SBOA today has a membership in the thousands. The membership is comprised of horse breeders, drivers, trainers, owners, and backstretch personnel, active and interested in the standardbred horse industry in the State of New Jersey. The SBOA works arduously in the interest of the New Jersey standardbred industry. Its mission is to support and promote the standardbred industry in New Jersey by nurturing and preserving a favorable business climate, while striving to secure closer business and personal relationships among all industry participants throughout the State.


The SBOA is governed by a Board of Directors, with each member elected by the general membership. The Board authorizes stallion, mare and foal registrations, negotiates with track management, actively oversees and administers a benefits program, and advances legislation favorable to the New Jersey standardbred industry.


Among the many benefits the SBOA provides its membership is health insurance for eligible individuals and their families. Additionally, all SBOA members are eligible for third-party liability insurance coverage, as well as insurance coverage for damaged or destroyed sulkies. The SBOA administers and financially assists a driver/trainer Retirement Program.


Horsemen's representatives, provided by the SBOA and located at the racetracks assist any standardbred horse person in need of help. A committee of board members of the SBOA also supports drivers and trainer. The SBOA negotiates contracts on behalf of New Jersey standardbred horsemen and women and is presently playing a significant and pivotal role as it confers with all parties involved in the potential installation of video lottery terminals at New Jersey racetracks.


The Association publishes, free to its membership, a newsletter covering issues of concern to the New Jersey standardbred community, and a periodic letter from the SBOA President, alerting the membership to urgent matters.


Other SBOA programs include periodic forums and symposiums on subjects like standardbred breeding practices, and tours of New Jersey standardbred farms.


The SBOA of New Jersey…setting the standard for standardbred racing and breeding.


StandardBRED breeders & owners association of New Jersey

Representing the drivers, trainers, caretakers, breeders and owners of New Jersey

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